It took me about 8 months to do the painting below called, ‘Ibaadat’, which means prayer. The reason I named it that was because It became like praying. I used to wake up early and reach the university studio at 7.30 in the morning, work on it till the time that I could and then, most evenings, I used to walk out of the studio with a thought, a picture more clear and vivid than the other thoughts on the string. Perhaps they were answers to my prayers.

Ibaadat. watercolour and thread on paper. 5x16ft. 2019

Whatever I took back home, I put those thoughts down in a set of very intimate letters. Posting them on my university blog was very intimidating but soon I was more comfortable with people taking a peep into my mind and a part of my heart. I liked telling the truth but in ways that it was there but not there.

This method of work has now become an important part of my artistic practice. This has led to my current ongoing project, ‘Glossolalia’. My letters are intimate. They tell the truth to people who can read the truth. They are in-between the real and the unreal. They are dreams and memories and events, some which happened and some which did not happen. These are the untold stories of my life.