River of Sand: A series of visual letters from the past written in the moment

It has not been long since my grandmother passed away. For me, it was like my armour being snatched from my body. For the last couple of months, my work was slow and after her death, I had stopped working altogether. I remained in her room, which is now my room. I used to go through her things, again and again, trying to find her fragrance and finding assurance in these objects that she had once touched.

The possessions that we use become an extension of us. There seems to be an equal give and take relationship with the inanimate objects as well, it seems. But the inevitable truth of our existence remains intact- we cannot take anything with us when we leave this world. No matter in what form we loose somebody, either by death or by the diversion in our paths, separation is pain. And we see their imprints on everything they leave behind.

“Ret ki Nadi |River of sand” The complete work

The Elements of this work

  1. I found a Hindi/Urdu book called “Ret ki Nadi” in my grandmother’s collection. It remained on my desk for a long time. I wanted to read it but I just couldn’t. It seemed that that was not the purpose of that book in my life.
  2. The letter sheets, I had bought had fulfilled their purpose and lay uselessly in the magazine stand.
  3. The broken glass bangles, people thought that they had lost their purpose looked as beautiful to me as when I had bought them.
  4. The threads holding the bangles were left behind by the person who used them hopeless.
  5. The frottage pieces are the imprints of the past.
  6. Henna- the permanent marks of the temporary actions.

I have put a few of them below. But you can head over to my Instagram for the complete work.

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