Awaaz-The sound of silence. A conceptual, experimental exhibition

A big part of work revolves around the ideas of communication. I love the idea of intimacy that a Postal Service brings through snail mail. The anticipation and the intrigue of receiving anything other than an Amazon package! 

 Letters are an integral part of my artistic practice. As part of this exhibition, I sent out different pieces of works and but same letter to the participants and when they received it and uploaded over social media the exhibition took place on it’s own.  This exhibition was a kind of an experiment in intimacy, time and communication.  

Anything handmade or drawn is more intimate than a purchased or printed object, I feel. All the collages were handmade but the letter was printed and had very intimate and vulnerable content. The participants were not only friends living far away but also complete strangers. What went to whom, I didn’t know until they received it.  

The above collages contain prints from my clothes and bangles, along with repetitive pictures of my hand with henna. I have used pages from an old, what seems to be, erotica in Hindi which I found in my grandfather’s library of books. All the collages are A4 sise and were sent off randomly to all the people.