Art & Emotions

Art & Emotions was my first experimental workshop that was held at Arcade Campfa, Cardiff, UK.

Research Fair 2020 (1)

Every time I work with any repetitive pattern I immersion in the process and I
keep meeting myself again and again and again and each time I meet
myself it is a different version of me. It is like I have built worlds into
worlds and I say that because we as human beings have so many
layers. And We become as many people as we meet. Silence here
plays a very important role because as I get to know myself better, I
get to know the people around me better.
Every day now is like on a train, life just passes by us and we just see
it in a very blurred way. This one hour, I hope we could slow down
and just see the world that has been built outside our windows.

This workshop is not meditation where we try to focus on anything
else but our thoughts. This workshop is for you to meet yourself in depth
and be very much aware of the things that come to your mind.
There are always things that we do want to discuss to others and
then there are things that we want to talk about but we can’t for
whatever reason.
While painting you will notice that from those myriad thoughts there
will be one or two which are going to be louder than the rest. I
personally feel that those are the thoughts you want to talk about.


The painting exercise included:
1. Choosing your colours. I usually work with 2-3 colours
2. Then just painting the background for about 15-20 minutes
3. For the rest of the time, you can just work on your pattern. Try to
keep it as small as possible.
4. Then we will give at least 15 minutes to writing about our
feelings this can be in a letter format. Perhaps writing to a friend
or a loved one. Telling them about things that you wish to in a
very unrestricted manner. Let it flow as much as you can. This is
your personal space and you are allowed to feel the way you do.


  1. I observed that people did get very emotional during the workshop.
  2. They were immersed in the process which had a trance-like effect on them.
  3. The most intriguing part for me was the use of colour. People who were facing towards the wall which had blue/purple paintings used that colour scheme and participants who faced the wall which was dominated by the orange coloured work choose to work with warm colours.


The feedback was excellent! I was happy to hear that the workshop did exactly what it said. I was thrilled by people’s personal stories that they shared after the workshop.

Here are two pictures from Instagram that were shared: