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I ran a five-session workshop at Oasis Cardiff with women seeking asylum.

paint exhibitionThis exhibition was a memoir from the lives of women whose homes have been taken as the result of the wars in their home countries. Their roofs collapsed and the land beneath their feet split open. Their “home” they said, “was green and alive and filled with love” and all they could remember and tried to express through these sessions was the pieces of the broken image laid in their memories like a mosaic, with several pieces missing. They cried as they couldn’t fill those missing places and the bits and pieces stung their eyes.

This work, by them, is a faithful representation of the memories of their old life, that is not fixed in their minds but are rather engraved on their hearts. The work displayed here has nothing to do with the skills but is a sincere effort to preserve the sounds of the birds and the fragrance of the flowers from their past.