Sketchbook Project​: A Brief​ History in Earth, Blood & Fire

Ancestry is to be remembered. Names are to be remembered.  In this sketchbook project, I am exploring the question of my identity in a more collective manner. The material which is used to write this narrative is  Earth (henna), Blood (sindoor) and Fire (lamp-black). It is an experimental autobiography of a life lived and not yet lived.

“The tree that bears fruits which die eventually”


The book contains illustrations and the content is in Hindi, English, and occasionally in Sanskrit too.


Lines of Fate (1): Birthchart¹

Birth charts and/or astrology are a very important part of Indian/Hindu culture. It is based on the date, place and time of birth. If any planet is in an unfavourable position in the chart the astrologer (also called Pundit) gives a suitable gemstone to wear in order to rectify the fault in the stars.



Lines of Fate (2): Life in the palm

Palmistry is also a very important segment of Indian astrology. Every action is according to the astrological position of the stars– what things are to be given in charity on which days, the colours to be worn on certain days and events, the food to be eaten, even the person to be married to and on which date and what time of the day the marriage ceremony has to take place– every action is determined on the stars in the heavens and the lines in the hands.